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    Have you been bullying?

    If you been used by friends or been bullying by best friends or family. We would love to hear about it. I was bullying by mean bully that call me a stalker and harassment. Then in Christmas 2016 two obsessed girls with pets found out about what I was doing,and they made me delete it, but don’t worry the real and true ghost stories of friends is going to be out on Christmas Day.

    So if you been bullying don’t forget about that we the people can stop 🛑 it. I’m not let immature pets girls let me go down because I am way too smart for them.

    We need some ideas for a new story?

    Okay, we do need help trying to get some ideas for new story coming out in 2019 and 2020. It can become anything about that your friends or family doesn’t know about. I created A Bullying Story since my friends and my family Bullying me and today I still have depression and stress. They are actually care less about me. But who cares about what they did to me and I really recommend to read the only, if you been bullying. And don’t forget to send us ideas for new story coming soon. ✌️🤫🤭

    Real and true horror stories of friends based off the original website

    You remember the website I did on weebly, that tell a story about bullying but unfortunately two bully made me delete. Well I will be posting about them more. Also no where they work but they will never become a veterinarian because it really does mean that they don’t want to have a good job but I say it will become the worst nightmare of all. They should be sorry 😐 because a story of bullying is coming from heart. Stay tuned for more awesomeness. 😎🙄🤗

    A Bullying Story 2 is coming soon.

    I can’t wait to show all of you a new story based on the first story. About 15 year later mystery happened . I can’t exposed any more secret as of now.

    Also nominate your friends,family, and even teachers who bully you. A Bullying Story 2 should come out before Christmas 2019. But if anything change we will let you know.


    I also want to thank all the readers who read my first story series. I was bully hard by friends user now I’m used it against them.


    Have a good day.

    A Bullying Story 2 is Now out

    A Bullying Story 2 secret exposed is now out. I mean it exposed some of my bullies real secret and real thing happened since Christmas 2016 because I know two immature girl who works with pet but shouldn’t have.😂🤣

    I still see them post on social media about their pets and I say it just a waste of time and no one wants to care about it. They should try to play piano lessons instead of taking care about their own pets life. I mean I used to have a puppy when I was actually little girl but it time for them to move on and get better health for people who work with pet all the time.

    More secret exposed is coming soon for the next week chapter.

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